Energy Conservation Is What We Do

Energy Conservation Inc. in Richmond, VA looks at your home as a system.
We analyze your HVAC system to ensure your duct work is cleaned and properly sealed. We check the type and amount of insulation in your home, properly defining the thermal boundary. We identify energy loss areas, potential indoor air quality issues, and moisture problems. Through visual inspections, computer technology, and building science trends we are able to determine real and potential problem areas in your home.

Blower door

How We Do Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Inc. uses a comprehensive energy audit to review your home's needs.
This audit includes a blower door test to determine air infiltration. We also provide thermal imaging to reveal sources of air leaks and insulation deficiencies. We check crawl space humidity, sources of moisture intrusion, and exhaust air efficiency. We inspect those areas of your home that are hard to get to - looking for areas of weakness often overlooked by a typical inspection process.

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How We Save You Money

Energy Conservation Inc. designs the energy savings package and implements the fix!
Your full energy audit report comes with a designed package to fit your home's energy savings needs. We are partnered with leaders in the HVAC, insulation, and weatherization industry, bringing an experienced team together to get the work done on your schedule!
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ECI is the exclusive AirTight product rep in Central Virginia.

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